NamePositionDesignationContact Information
Raquel E. NuñezDirector IVRegional Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 405, 406
Loreta L. AnasChief Administrative OfficerOIC Assistant Regional Director for Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 441
Merlinda A. ParagamacSocial Welfare Officer VOIC Assistant Regional Director for Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 1129
Ma. Teresa C. GaniolaPlanning Officer IVOIC Chief, Policy and Plans Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 448
Gemma D. Dela CruzSocial Welfare Officer VOIC Chief, Protective Services Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 455
Elizabeth T. DegorioSocial Welfare Officer VOIC Chief, Promotive Services Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 439
Merlinda A. ParagamacSocial Welfare Officer VConcurrent Chief, Disaster Response Management Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 427-428
Laurencia P. MondrezaSupervising Administrative Officer OIC Chief, Human Resource Management and Development Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 409  
Mia Dulce Corazon S. VergaraAdministrative Officer VOIC Chief, Financial Management Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 411  
Rosalinda B. DinampoAdministrative Officer VOIC Chief, Administrative Telephone: (082) 227-1964 Local/s: 416
Sheryl Ann R. DumalogdogSocial Welfare Officer IVHead, Home for Girls and Telephone: (082) 244-0576
Caroline F. IsuganSocial Welfare Officer IVHead, Reception and Study Center for Telephone: (082) 222-2873
Dahlia S. PadilloSocial Welfare Officer VHead, Regional Rehabilitation Center for Telephone: (082) 293-0306
Candelaria C. TingsonSocial Welfare Officer IIHead, Home for the Telephone: (084) 216-0738
Dalmin Faith A. IgañaSocial Welfare Officer IIIHead, Center for Children with Special Needs
Mobile Phone: 09506388359