CARe-ABLE is a community-based intervention which enables persons with disability (PWDs) to access available resources, programs and services in the community. The project aims to provide holistic interventions to PWDs and reduce barriers for greater access to resources both from the government and non-government sectors.


  1. Increase access of PWDs to social protection programs
  2. Strengthen the city, municipal and barangay mechanisms in providing programs and services for PWDs
  3. Improve capacities of PWDs for self-care and economic productivity
  4. Capacitate caregivers and communities towards appropriate care and support


  • Establishment of Barangay Helpdesks
    A venue within the community for coordination with LGUs and other offices for faster, better and more coordinated delivery of services


  • Support Services
    Accessing PWDs and their families to health, nutrition and medical care, psychosocial services including assessment fees, mainstream education, livelihood, socio- cultural and social enhancement programs, among others


  • Capability Building
    Values enrichment, capability building and skills training to develop self-esteem, improve life perspectives and address personal barriers


  • Strengthening Local Mechanisms
    Establishment of linkages to public institutions, transport and business sectors, other government and non-government institutions to provide caring environment and support to PWDs


  • Organization of Community Volunteers
    Organizing and capacitating caregivers and other volunteers in providing proper care to their PWD family member