REPORTING AND PREVENTION SYSTEM PROJECT PROGRAM FOR ELDERLY ABUSE CASES (RESPPEC) Reporting System and Prevention Program for Elderly Abuse Cases (ReSPPEC) is a community-based project which strengthens partnership and networks between and among the senior citizen’s sector, stakeholders and partners to ensure holistic and efficient delivery of services to respond to elderly abuse cases.

This project shall develop a holistic system that will put into place mechanisms and necessary procedures and protocols to formally report, investigate, intervene, document, monitor and provide follow-up services to victims of elderly abuse in the community.

 The project also provides support groups for the perpetrators/abusers and treatment on ways to change their behavior, has components for values formation and rehabilitation of perpetrators/abusers to stop the cycle of violence. This project will also strengthen family and peer support to prevent abuse among the elderly.


To protect the rights of the elderly against all forms of abuse by having the knowledge in detecting elder abuse and ways of preventing it, and the establishment of local reporting mechanisms and referral systems in order to provide services for their full rehabilitation/recovery.


  1. To establish local reporting mechanisms in management of Elder Abuse cases
  2. To capacitate the people in the communities
  3. To develop data banking system on Elder Abuse cases
  4. Provide support services not limited to psycho-social, economic, medical, legal to the elder abuse victim-survivor and their families
  5. To provide rehabilitation and support services for suspected abusers/ offender to mitigate the effects of violence
  6. Intensify public awareness on elder abuse through advocacy activities