https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/vtTETzFJE9KdF5wYSf-vIxInClGwVV2gKdlij2EPUs0ZJbrPHgqhaSNobLdZRzq0zV7LNY35tPWQZghamwdO8-j-iJVj53hEEwxiH3MichUT2btVK3GegFDrm4n8u_hX2s9QfUr5N4eWatCZ7AThis program model assists Recovering Persons Who Used Drugs (RPWUDs) to be socially functioning and maintain a lifestyle change from rehabilitation or treatment with the catalytic role of families, communities, and Local Government Units (LGU) service providers. It will be implemented by the Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) and will weave existing resources of the LGUs, NGAs, and CSOs adopting the whole-of-nation and community approach. it utilizes the continuum of care and prevents stigma through institutionalizing intervention at the barangay level


  1. Provide adequate preparation/transition for reintegration among RPWUDs;

2.       Enhance the coping capacities of RPWUDs with the demands of their dynamic environment upon return to their communities;

  1. Facilitate enabling environment for the transformation of RPWUDs in communities; and
  2. Enhance knowledge, attitudes and skills of families to serve as co-journeyers of RPWUDs towards recovery.