Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons (RRPTP) RRPTP is a comprehensive program that ensures adequate recovery and reintegration services provided to trafficked persons. It utilizes a multi-sectoral approach and delivers a complete package of services that will enhance the psychosocial, social and economic needs of the clients, the families and the communities where the trafficked persons will be eventually reintegrated. It also improves community-based systems and mechanisms that ensure the recovery of the victim-survivors and prevents other family and community members from becoming victims of trafficking.

Who may avail: Victim-survivor of trafficking and their families


For Case Management

  1. Travel documents
  2. One (1) original Valid ID
  3. Social Case Study Report


Medical Assistance

  1. Clinical Abstract / Medical Certificate with signature and license number of the attending physician (issued within three months)
  2. Hospital Bill (for payment of hospital bill)
  3. Prescription (for medicines)
  4. Laboratory requests (for procedures)
  5. One (1) original and One (1) photocopy valid ID of the client
  6. Original Barangay Certificate


Educational Assistance

  1. School registration and/ or certificate of enrolment and
  2. Statement of Account for tertiary education
  3. One (1) photocopy Valid school ID
  4. One (1) photocopy Valid ID of the parent/ guardian


Skills Training

  1. Official receipt from the training school (TESDA/ CHED accredited training school.
  2. Valid school ID


Financial Assistance for Employment (e.g. driver’s license, NBI and police clearance, Medical Certificate etc.)

  1. Contract of Employment or any similar document which indicates that they are hired
  2. One (1) photocopy Valid ID
  3. Barangay Certificate


Financial Assistance for Livelihood

  1. Result of the Handa Ka Na Bang Magnegosyo?
  2. (Eligible clients will be endorsed/referred to Sustainable Livelihood Program Dept. for assessment
  3. Project Proposal
  4. (They may write using their vernacular or local dialect. They may be assisted by the social worker in preparation of the said proposal)
  5. One (1) photocopy Valid ID
  6. Barangay Certificate
  7. Social Case Study Report


Logistical Support During and Post-Rescue Operation of Victim-survivors of Trafficking  

  • None


Provision of Temporary Shelter

  • None


Support for Victim-survivors/ Witness and Transportation Assistance

  1. One (1) photocopy Valid ID
  2. Social Case Study Report
  3. Official receipt for the client’s board and lodging