The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) continues to urgently distribute the social pension of its indigent senior citizen beneficiaries across the country.

As of December 18, the Department has provided the social pension of more than 3 million senior citizens out of the 3.7 million target beneficiaries of the program for 2020. the Payouts are still ongoing in different regions under manual mode of distribution through DSWD’s special disbursing officers.

To expedite the distribution of the assistance, DSWD has also transferred funds to local government units to engage them in the delivery of the stipend to senior citizens.

The Department assured the beneficiaries and their families that it is exerting all efforts to facilitate the speedy distribution of the assistance to them.

The DSWD, in coordination with local government units, implements the Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens provided for under Republic Act 9994. The program provides monthly stipend amounting to P500 to indigent senior citizens to augment their resources for their daily subsistence and other medical needs. It is distributed on a semestral basis at P3,000 per semester or P6,000 per year. ###Attachments area