CENTENARIAN GIFT. A 102-year old from Davao City receives her Php 100,000.00 cash gift from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) social welfare officers Gemma D. Dela Cruz and Arris P. Medrano.

Belonging to the Bagobo tribe, Nanay has two children and she is being looked after by her granddaughter who is a beneficiary of Modified Conditional Cash Transfer for Indigenous Peoples (MCCT-IP).

Nanay immediately stood up and peeked from her window the moment the DSWD car parked outside her humble home in a remote village in Davao City.  Despite her age, she hastily took the five-step stairs to the ground level without assistance. She was the one who opened the door to her visitors, apparently assuming the arrival of the most awaited.

DSWD personnel were told that she has been waiting excitedly for the cash award since the validation which was conducted by DSWD last March. “Thank you very much. Thanks to God. I will buy medicines,” Nanay blurted out.

According to her caregiver, “Nanay has been praying for this day to come. She could not anymore keep still. Her favorite viands are beef and lapu-lapu. Our Nanay is generous and very close to her great grandchildren.”

Centenarians poor or rich are entitled to receive a Php 100,000 “centenarian gift” among other incentives, as well as recognition from the government for reaching 100 years under Republic Act 10868 or the Centenarians Act of 2016.

Under R.A. 10868, all Filipinos who live up to 100 years, otherwise known as centenarians, will also receive a Letter of Felicitation from the President whether he or she is in the Philippines or not. (DSWD)