THE Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)-Davao is currently taking care of 45 children in its Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) in Davao City.

In a data obtained from the RSCC, 11 of the 45 children were abandoned, eight are foundlings, three are orphaned, 12 were surrendered, 10 are dependent/neglected, and one physically abused, with ages from one month to 17 years.

The RSCC also noted 12 children have been discharged last 2017, which means these children were safely returned to their respective families.

RSCC head Lolita Roble said abandoned cases are those children left by their parents/mothers in hospitals, school, church and other places, while neglected are those who have parents but are not capable to take care of their child.

She said the agency has three social workers and 17 caregivers who look after the welfare of the children inside the center.

Roble also said that children aged five and up will be enrolled at Dumanlas Elementary School until they will be returned to their respective biological parents or ready for adoption.

DSWD-Davao also noted 384 children have been issued with Certification Declaring that the Child is Legally Available for Adoption (CDCLAA), 383 eligible children are issued with Pre-Adoption Placement Authority (PAPA), or cleared for Inter-Country Adoption (ICA), and 30 eligible children are placed under foster care.

Roble said there are also cases wherein adopted children would inquire about their biological parents. She added that some of these children who still seek for their biological parents/mothers are already professionals and some are married. (Sun Star Davao)