It is about friend-raising not fund raising.

Philippine Information Agency Director General Jose Mari Oquiñena inspired the participants of the 13th Mindanao Communicators Network Congress and Workshop in its closing program on October 13 to build relationships.

“Moving forward for our nation, Filipinos should go back to where we are good at, (which is) building relationships,” DG Oquiñena said.

He emphasized that the mission in building relationship is to integrate each other’s talents.

“The goal here is unity. There is no other way to progress, other than being united.”

More than 200 information officers from national line agencies and local government units all over Mindanao attended the congress on November 11-13 at Pryce Plaza Hotel, Cagayan de Oro.

Oquiñena also challenged the participants and the private media to make true good stories.

“I want you to tell you the truth and the truth is, it is not always bad news.”

He said that there are positive stories in the region that the nation needs to know and be proud of.

Oquiñena also honoured the public communicators for disseminating government programs to the public and creating a change of perspective to Mindanao. (PIA11)