There are times that my home becomes the venue for Family Development Session, Skills Training, meeting of SEA-K Association and other community activities. My husband and I now serve actively in our parish. When we have problems, we try to resolve it immediately. We support our children in their school activities. We help our neighbors and also share what we have.

Pantawid Pamilya is one of the biggest blessings we have received because we can now buy all the requirements needed in school, pay the daily transportation fare to school, and even our children can buy snacks or meals in school. We have stopped asking for financial help from our relatives to support our family expenses.

Also, my participation in Family Development Sessions has improved my communication/conversation skills and my knowledge about family care, health information and other family development matters.

The programs are effective and helpful especially to the poor community but we should follow what is right and do also our part if we want to improve our wellbeing as well as our family. As beneficiaries, we should follow the advice, listen to the experts and apply what is applicable to us. I wish and I hope that after our graduation from Pantawid Pamilya Program there will be more programs we can engage in to make us more productive and gain additional income to sustain our basic needs.

-Menerva Luguiber Agudo, 42, Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary and president of Wow Kiss SEA-K Association of Barangay Kisulad, Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental