Edeliza T. Borca [leftmost] recites the Self-Employment Assistance-Kaunlaran Credo along with co-beneficiaries in Los Amigos.

Los Amigos, Davao City  – Some 52 families here are now venturing into Hito Culture following the recent release of a Php 520,000.00 livelihood assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

A native of Iloilo and SLP beneficiary for less than a year, Edeliza T. Borca, 62, of Purok 1-A Los Amigos said the assistance is already a big help and this Hito Culture project will augment her family’s income from her palayan.

“We can do it because we have been provided appropriate assistance. We will make sure and strive to make this [project] successful. I will not just rely on this project. On the side, I will also raise hogs to increase my income,” Borca said.

Borca arrived in Davao when she was 5 years old. She has six children and her husband is sickly. All her children reached high school but only one finished college who is now a teacher and already married.

She is one of the 23 members of the Los Amigos Non-Pantawid SEA-K Association which recently received a Php 230,000.00 seed capital through the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) of DSWD.

The other group being the Los Amigos 4Ps SEA-K Association whose 29 members are all Pantawid Pamilya families and received a Php 290,000.00 livelihood assistance.

Barangay Captain Angelico Santander stressed that all the people in his village should earn so that all will have a progressive life. “That is why we are striving to learn a new technology like Hito Culture for our own welfare and to have a much better life and a much better community not only for us but for our children especially. We need to work hard and not just depend on government officials to help us.”

In her message, Director Priscilla N. Razon of DSWD, emphasized that, “we will always ensure the productivity and employability of our beneficiaries. To help you further and really converge the resources of the government, we are partnering with other agencies. That is why we are all here today.  BFAR provides the fingerlings while DOT and DA will continue to extend technical assistance. I urge each one to unite so we can all move up and attain a better life and be able to help other families.”

The Hito Culture Project is under the One-Step Program of DSWD and the Department of Tourism.

The project promotes food tourism and community-based tourism that heavily anchors on the active cooperation of community residents and the barangay local government.

Other partners are the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and the City Government of Davao.

Vicente R. Dejardo, President of Los Amigos 4Ps SEA-K Association eagerly imparted that government officers are servants of God who were sent to help. “We are very grateful for the opportunity and for the trust they have shown us.” DSWD