CAMBAGANG, MARAGUSAN, COMPOSTELA VALLEY – “Water is one of the basic necessities of life. Here in our Barangay, we consider water as life,” stressed Cambagang Barangay Captain Jimmy Ambasan at the blessing of the rehabilitated Potable Water System (PWS) funded through Kalahi-CIDSS DSWD.

After months of continuous brainstorming, rigorous planning and implementation, the rehabilitation of the Potable Water System is finally complete and is now accessible for public use.

Water was one of the major difficulties in the community.

Though, there was a water reservoir in the area, people residing in farther sitios could barely obtain water for their daily needs. Unless they hike far, they would remain waterless with their mouths and containers running dry.

With the few connections [water spouts] available, only a few households could readily access the water system.

A number of residents of barangay Cambagang would walk for an hour just to fetch water from the nearest water pipe. However, out of neglect, water pipes began bearing damages and subsequent ruptures.

Then entered DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS PAMANA (Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan) which invests in empowering people and in advancing peace-promoting community projects.

Having undergone the distinct Kalahi-CIDSS social preparation process which involves orientation, community assemblies, participatory situation analysis, and validation, the community then signified to pursue repair or rehab of their surviving water system.

In the execution of the community project, the womenfolk took a leap of faith as they registered a high participation rate.

“There are only a handful of men in our barangay but I am very pleased that our women worked and heavily involved themselves in constructing this project,” Barangay Captain Ambasan proudly shared.

He is hoping that more projects would continue to arrive in their village because this will not only make their lives easy but would also build camaraderie within the community.

Having augmented the pipes and rehabilitated the impaired ones, fresh and precious water can now easily be had by households even in farthest sitios.

Residents are deeply grateful that Kalahi-CIDSS PAMANA came to their barangay, assisting them in solving their problems.

Some 319 families are now enjoying the gift of water which they helped realize.

At the blessing ceremonies, overjoyed beneficiary-families were joined by Assistant Director Ma. Vilia L. Vigil of DSWD, LGU leaders, DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS team members and volunteers.

In her message, Assistant Director Vigil imparted that “Kalahi-CIDSS-PAMANA guide communities to become accountable to the project. It is all up to the residents on how to maintain the water system. They have to do keen monitoring and lay down rules so that it will be easy to come up with solutions should there be any future problem with the project.”

After the turnover and blessing, DSWD then launched the Kalahi-CIDSS new cycle in Maragusan. All participants from the LGU and DSWD signed the Manifesto of Support to signify their commitment to work together for peace and development. DSWD