EMERGENCY AID. Local government workers unload DSWD family food packs in Compostela town for the 106 families who fled their homes in Sitio Side 4, Brgy. Mangayon and Sitio Puting Bato, Brgy. Ngan. Based on LGU Compostela investigation, it was confirmed that no armed conflict occurred in the two areas. To date, the families have already returned to their homes. They were provided with 50 sacks of rice by the Province of Compostela Valley, 25 sacks by LGU Compostela and family food packs by DSWD. Each food pack contains 10 kilos rice, 10 cans sardines, 2 cans beef loaf, 2 cans corned beef, 15 packs noodles and 15 sachets of instant coffee. DSWD