BUGUIS, Jose Abad Santos, Davao Del Sur -Lorena Malila, 39 years old, is a 4Ps recipient of Barangay Buguis. Buguis is the second barangay in the Northern part of Jose Abad Santos. It is a 30-minute motorcycle ride from the poblacion. Lorena is a full-time housewife who takes care of her three children. Her husband Ramon works as a fisherman. Lorena shared that prior to 4Ps her daily routine  would just be to do the household chores, take care of her children and other usual things a housewife is expected to do for her family. She also shared that her husband’s income is oftentimes not enough to pay for all the household expenses and her children’s educational needs.“Dili man gud permanente pud ang kita anang mananagat. Usahay wala gyud ilabi na kung dako kaayo ang balod  (A fisherman’s income is not definite. There are days that he