LISTAHANAN. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) XI Regional Director Priscilla N. Razon engages partners from the Department of Interior and Local Government, Traffic Management Center, Land Transportation Office, City Social Services and Development Office and Philippine National Police, to support the DSWD Information Campaign for the upcoming Listahanan second round assessment during a recent consultation meeting.

“The first round of assessment in 2009 yielded challenges and issues of exclusion and inclusion errors, where the poor were excluded while the non-poor were included in the identification of program beneficiaries. This campaign aims to inform the general public on the survey or enumeration and really encourage them to participate in the data collection process so that errors will be minimized if not totally eradicated, and the deserving poor families will be served accordingly,” Razon emphasized.

To announce the Listahanan 2nd Round Assessment, DSWD and partner agencies will soon conduct a massive posting of stickers and banners in all public utility and private vehicles in Region XI.

The sticker campaign will start first quarter of 2015 and through the stickers and other advocacy materials we will produce, we will ensure inclusion of all poor and disadvantaged families in social protection programs, Director Razon added.

Implemented by DSWD, Listahanan or Talaan ng Pamilyang Nangangailangan is a database of poor households and used as reference in identifying beneficiaries of social protection services.

It is a functional, objective and transparent targeting system that identifies who and where the poor are, thus reducing leakage of social services to non-poor and minimizing exclusion of the poor from said social services.

Listahanan likewise serves as guide to other national government agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders in identifying qualified beneficiaries of their social protection programs.  DSWD